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Christ Church Lusaka (CCL) is a family church where families come together to worship and where individuals come to find new purpose in life through Jesus Christ. 

We are committed to Jesus Christ as our only Lord and Saviour and to the Bible as the Word of God. All our activities are focused on explaining & applying the lordship of Jesus to everyday living and on encouraging fellowship with one another.

Together, we serve to know Christand to make Christ known for the glory of God.

This reflects our desire for gospel growth – growth personally in our relationship with Jesus (to know Him) but also growth numerically as more people are exposed to Jesus and called to know him (to make Him known). And we are convinced that the proclamation of God’s Word is central to this end.

As a local church, CCL is a Constituent Church of the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of Zambia (REACH-Zambia) in communion with REACH-South Africa.

Most churches have some form of membership enlistment and ours is no exception. We call it becoming a ‘Partner.’ This leaflet explains what that means and how you could become one.

Membership is Partnership

What partnership means

The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings people together – together with Jesus primarily but also together with each other. It unites us as we pursue the one great task of bringing the good news of Jesus to a needy world. We all have different parts to play in this mission but we do so as part of the same body. 

Take note of what Paul had to say in writing to the Philippians:

“In all my prayers for you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the Gospel from the first day till now.”                                                                                                

Philippians 1:4-5

The Philippians weren’t actually preaching alongside Paul, but in praying for him, encouraging him and supporting him financially, they were regarded as his close and active partners in the work.

As those who have benefited so immensely from that same Gospel some two thousand years later, we too can work together in many different ways and we each have a part to play. Becoming a “partner” means joining with those who identify with the gospel ministry at CCL It means committing yourself to being part of this team – to share in the great work that our Lord has given us to build his church and bring the Gospel to the world.

Having repented of their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour; effective partners will therefore:

  • have spiritual concerns as a priority in their life;
  • be in regular attendance at church services on a Sunday;
  • be in a midweek Bible Study Group as often as possible;
  • and be serving in accordance with their gifts & abilities;

This is not to say that partners will be perfect! We realize that not everybody will be in a position to comply with all the above, but these should nevertheless be their aim. 

What partnership brings

Partnership brings with it various benefits & responsibilities:

  • enjoying the commitment of other partners to love & exhort you, to care for & encourage you … and for you to be able to do the same for them;
  • praying for others in this work and being prayed for;
  • being responsible for and active in gospel growth (through personal maturity and by helping others come to faith);
  • having an accountability structure that helps us grow in understanding and to live godly lives;
  • sharing in the financial support of Gospel work at CCL;
  • sharing the use of and responsibility for the venue and other assets of the church;
  • having access to literature and other resources to help in Christian maturity;
  • and being loyal to Christ, church, pastors, and leaders.

What partnership requires

Partnership is about meeting certain requirements and being willing to agree with and abide by our constitution and structures. To that end, we require that all Partners:

  • have repented of their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour (John 3)
  • be striving to live daily as a disciple of Jesus giving evidence of their faith by their manner of life, 
  • be a baptized person, eighteen years of age or older, 
  • accept the Constitution of this church and of REACH-Zambia,
  • have been a habitual worshipper in this church for longer than six months and not a member of another church (Exception can be made for missionaries who have membership of their sending church in their home country),
  • and they must want to be considered a partner in gospel ministry with others at CCL.

How to become a Partner

The process is simple. Having attended the Membership Classes and thought through what’s involved, you need to fill in an Application for Partnership (follow the link to fill out an online application).  You will be contacted to set up a Membership Interview. Following this interview, your application will be forwarded to the Church Council for approval and acceptance into formal membership of CCL.

What to do if you’re not ready?

Don’t worry.  Keep coming along, listening, enquiring.  As you’ve probably already realized, we love to have friends at our gatherings.  We are always ready to answer your questions and talk.  

If you have further questions about becoming a Partner at CCL, please feel free to contact the Church Office as we would be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have.

May God guide you and direct you as you consider becoming a Partner with us at Christ Church Lusaka.

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